Date Due

I meet a lot of people
Who talk about the books they read
Mentioning titles that impress me
Praising authors beyond my degraded tastes

Yet I never run into these avid readers
At the bookstore I frequent
At the library branch, I visit once a week
Hoping nonetheless

For that meeting cute
When I cinematically place my hand
on that book, I’ve been eager to read
And he puts his hand on mine

And I say Go on — you check it out
I’ll get it when you’re finished
Even though I know and he knows
That he plans to never return it

LOVE ❤ ❤

Dirty spike

It isn’t your mystery
Or history
That makes me stick around.
It isn’t because you pound
Away from me,
Or have the right key.
I stay
Because you just may
Be a habit, an addiction,
Just a whirl-twirl fiction,
a greasy slab of meat,
dirty spike on the bottom of my cleat.


LOVE ❤ ❤

As the sun sets.!!!

There’s a surreal perfection when you look at the sky.
The sunset painting it’s usual baby blue with brilliant oranges, pinks and yellows.
The clouds, painted and tinged with purples and greys
Speckled and ribboned and dolloped across the vivid sky in different patterns and directions by the wind,
setting the now opaque mountainscape.

Reminding me that there is the world beyond mine.
I am only a speck in the colours of the sky.



LOVE ❤ ❤


There’s a fine line
Between a love
And a habit.
Feeling like Alice
Down the rabbit hole.

Don’t ever wait
For the worst to come to you,
For the worst will come
When all backs are turned.
You still don’t have a clue,
But announce it the day you’ve learned.

Don’tcha know when to
Climb out of the ground
Back to the
Let innocence be your guide.
Hospital bed,
Completely dead?
You’ve already died.



LOVE ❤ ❤