From 50 to 100 followers... Thank you peeps for making me stand here where I am. I will now, be more attentive and frequent here and I will try my best to be in touch with you. Thank you so much for encouraging and supporting throughout this journey. Thank you so much darlings...!!! KEEP SUPPORTING [...]

The power of beer

A burnt arrow a battered door a land lay fallow the moats filled shallow A catapult without stone a wheelless ram empty fire pits uninhabited tents What may this be? Has the siege extended man's reach? Or has the city already been breached? The wind whispers while silence reigns but then someone came "Guten tag", [...]

The face

Green, wandering eyes Beneath the smooth brown sheet of hair With lashes so light at the tips Looking upward at the sky A sarcastic comment On her pink, round lips Still chapped from the cold Of a brisk winters day It was the face of someone young Free of wrinkles and scars Someone ready to [...]