Washed Out

My golden years are a retrospective view
Doubtful, not sure, might be the last dance
One day I was gum-chewing with my Batman yo yo
Now my soul is rubber, and it leaks on the outside
A cuckoo clocks’ flare smashes grandpa’s ego
I know how to turn the musty smell around
Faded away from the youthful days
Once giddy pleasure
Now it’s all so serious

The teen lifestyle washed over within seconds
Sure it’s fun to friends
Entertaining to have enemies
But the squabbles and meanders slow you down
The pitiful liars and desperate seekers
Worship through blasphemy whatever they care
Your path crosses into their’s and high school is born
Limbs don’t respond
Thoughts and actions don’t line up

You see it for what it truly is
You’re in danger
of maturing

Forgotten and dazed 
Sitting in a broken armchair
It’s difficult seeing through the fogginess
Finding the missing hours
Difficult on a drowse

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Love ❤ ❤