I reminisce my pain  How it was lined up  Grew up misled by my own man though don't like him because I was mistreated So how was I wrong?   I never asked for relationship He acts like it's my fault  when I ask why he starts getting rolled up He never cared; that's my lesson  [...]


True Love v/s Friendship v/s Lust– 3

... so they (G and B2) cherished their old memories over that night and in the conversation she told B2 about B1. Next morning she received a call. In a sleepy voice, she attended the call thinking it must be from B1; and the first couple of words that uttered from her lips were: GOOD [...]

True love v/s Friendship v/s Lust– 2

Okay, so to begin with let's start with her love life and ends with her friend. So, As we know she was in a relationship with B1 from last 6-7 years.  She belongs to a middle-class family and B1 belongs to a bit higher class family. They broke-up and patch-up almost 6 times in their [...]