Top 5 places

Here is a collage of my top 5 places where I want to go. 1) Paris: the fashion city and EIFFEL TOWER. ❤ 2) Ladakh: bike rides ❤ 3) Greece: fantasising ❤ 4) Goa: beach  ❤ 5) Maldives: truly beauty ❤ Keep_reading 🙂 🙂 Love ❤ ❤ Photo challenge: Collage

Dream trip: EARTH

A place which is not less than heaven on earth. One of the most adventurous trip a traveller can go, the best sky gazing point, and the view of the Pangok lake. Mother earth has given the best combination of blue sky, black roads, high mountains and clear water body. YES! IT’S MY DREAM TRIP:…