Do not fall in love with the girl who writes 
Unless you want to know hell first hand 
She’ll make you burn and bring you to ashes 
And the worst part is 
You won’t mind burning at all

She’s allergic to routine 
Impossible to decipher 
Something she takes as a compliment 
She’s June mornings and December nights 
A rare mixture of sins and innocence 
And impossible in every possible way

She’s the type of girl you’ll never forget 
And you won’t even want to 
It’ll be a roller coaster 
You’ll have sunny days laying on the beach 
And others were the sea will drown you
You’ll feel invincible 
As if you have it all 
Because you have her 

Until she leaves 
Without saying why 
Or even goodbye 
Her departure is something you’ll never get over 
Her smile will haunt you every day 
You’ll wake up from nightmares from the day she left 
Screaming her name at 4 am 
With the echo of her loss 
Still resonating through your bedroom walls 

*But you’ll still believe they are dreams

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