I miss you

I miss you 
before you’ve even left.
I see the writing on the wall
in the distinct hue of my own blood,
but I swear I don’t remember writing 
a message stained “out of love”.

My heart in my hands
no longer on my sleeve
small screams saying “stop!”
As it burns in the fire of
your hands
your mouth
not least of which, 
your words.

Just a naive girl
with olive eyes
and a heart that overflows
I wanted to learn to be alone.
More than anything, I wanted to see
how it feels to be the one
with the heartless full of love.

And then in you came,
with your rainclouds
and your sticky wet fingers
that cling to every reason why not,
And I knew
we couldn’t be the same.
We’re growing apart,
but at least we’re growing.

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Daily Prompt: Premonition
Meaning: A strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant.
Love ❤ ❤