Angelic Assay


An innocence not seen by these sinning eyes
A style, swagger if you will not appeal until I glanced
Never forgot the day my presence was overwhelmed
A sense of all things good in you, evil could do no harm
Like an angel from heaven
Sent to test me, or cast me away
Either way, I was being judged
Unsure what to say, I appeal to your sense of humor
A little dry for my taste, I got us both a drink
Religion, it is what may keep you sane
But for me, the lacking of it, making me unsteady
Testing me at every turn I could see it coming
How in this day and age a girl so sweet so pure, humming
Not a care in the world yet one for you remains in check
What you do is not for you but for the man, you sit and wait for his call and beck
You tempt me with purity, does that make you a sinner?
Even good things can be bad in the right light
But I would not accuse such a “virgin” with silly accusations and assumptions
I would only prove to fail the test, and he already knows it
Giving second, even more, chances
I’ll see you in the future

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