Night Sky


The smoke curls out of my mouth as I exhale the last cigarette. I begin to walk under a starry sky, and I wonder. As of late, I find myself more and more inclined to sympathize with Atlas. The more I think of you, the more I feel the weight of my mistakes, the weight of my decisions, the fact that I have to live with what I have and haven’t done. They press down upon my shoulders with titanic force. It is a wonder I can even stand.
I want to live life through your eyes. I want to see what you see and love what you love. It might as well all be Wonderland to me. I want to know you better than you know yourself. If I am to give myself wholly, I must first fall for all of you. So let me in.
Let me take these weights off my shoulders and fall heels over head in love.
As my walk continues I look up and search for the star that will grant my wish. Too bad my wish can only be granted by you.


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