I remember the smell of pumpkin spice
And your voice echoing in my head
Window open, wind across my skin; cold as ice
I was trying to feel alive.
My therapist once told me that when I lose touch
I should just put my face in some cold water
But every time I tried, it didn’t do much
So I tried every way to bring sensation.
I smoked that cigarette,
I took that midnight skinny dip
I fucked a man so many times 
I could repeat my own name in his tone
I danced through the kitchen in spins and turns
Trying to get dizzy and feel a headrush
But by the time I felt anything,
I was already trapped inside four walls
Surrounded and infected by sterile air
With a small porthole where half-hearted smiles would be.
They said
Honeybee you’ve lost touch
But I was in a state so far away, 
It couldn’t be found on a map
So I insisted that I was just on vacation
And said
Wish you were here.


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