No exit strategy

I lay here
Looking up at the sky,
I watch the planes touch down
And I await you earnestly,
Thinking of all the things
I want to say to you,
But I’ve said too much
Already the words flow,
As they touch the white
In this paper,
They crash and stop;
Forever they will stay,
Permeated from my heart
Onto your memory,
As I imbibe this toxic slush
Awaiting relief,
I have no exit strategy
I run from you,
But I wish you were here
And I cannot suppress the emotions,
Running through this ink
As the poison seeps through my veins,
It runs its course
But I haven’t any synonyms,
To say other than;
I miss you,
The clichés running one after another
Into my pillow tears,
Pouring a waterfall of angst
Sorrow my bed
I’ve lost myself in this night,
Afraid to acknowledge
I don’t want to forget you;
This is my pain; this is love…


PS: Dedicated to him ’cause he always says that he can’t see me in pain…

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Love ❤ ❤



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