Fingertips frolic freely,
Skin to skin stimulates,
Thoughts of touching, feeling your lips on mine,
The warmth of your body,
Like a fire in the deep winter months,
Staring into your eyes
Brightly shining sensitivity

Alone in my method of transportation
Radio flipped on, speakers blaring,
Nickleback songs take me away,
On a flying rug overlooking downtown Raipur,
Watching, wasting…

Even way up over this town, I feel you
My separate spirit
You’re separate spirit
Above the cycling city, I pull you, toward me
My hands hold
My breath, it blows in your ears
My lips caress your neck, slow to move forward
Drum roles sound in the distance, A violinist appears
He begins to serenade with a sinful sonnet
Softly the bow rubs each string

The world, at that moment, stopped all movement
Lip to Lip
Arm in Arm
When tiny tingles cover our bodies
Fireworks explode as if it was the 4th of July,
In the middle of December.

Day or night, naughty thoughts
Flustered or flattered, emotions create it
Regrets no more
Fear no more
Back down to earth, now I am,
I drive you, my destiny.

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