I am flawed,
An inner fault, though I appear whole.
I can feel it grind with each breath,
A glass on glass.

One look and I am young again.
A thousand doubts to build a girl
Who refused to cry
And ran through fields

One line (I am with her) and I am crushed
Beneath half a lifetime of memories.
Layers of varnish, too many to dry 
Too many to breathe.

One touch and I spiral,
The fragments descend.
A rain shower reflected in your eyes,
Hot with desire.
A hitched breath that rounds the edges,
A balm of boiling water
On ice.

The shard between us shatters
With your fingers on my skin,
Tracing constellations in my freckles. 
It’s as if the years never existed,
But the splinters harden,
Crystallised with lies
And growing milky with 
things unsaid.

Despite the night,
I grow colder with secrets
That choke me.


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Love ❤ ❤


  1. Excellent poem!

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    1. RENEE says:

      Thank you ^_^
      stay fabulous and be in touch ❤

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