Mirrored Appetite

My love glides with cunning ease
Mockingly, provoking, faintly…
An incubus feeding off those who tease
As a freezing breeze gropes the unclothed remains saintly.

My greedy yearning desires nothing less, but to drain
To fill the vast pitiless appetite of bittersweet sin. 
That sultry incubus is the only to blame
Each hasty face, each unknown sigh, recognizably invited in.

My crimson intimacy defies a settled truce 
Between two famished predators hesitantly hoping 
To finally attain the succulent, lukewarm, juice 
Attempting, clenching onto composure; groping.

Facing each other,  a mirrored image of one another 
Unmoved by the lingering aromas of the Other.

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