Dubious Joy…

She does not deserve you, your laugh, your smile.
Does she understand your soul like I do?
The sight of you two is repulsive, vile,
You cannot deny this I know it’s true.

Your dubious joy her lies will undo,
I have watched her deceit time and again,
This you will eventually see through,
And all of her charades will be in vain.

Only my love can relieve your deep pain,
I have studied your ways for years on end.
Reflect in my eyes the truth you regain,
What makes you tick only I comprehend.
Always watching you I am so clever,
Our union of two together forever.

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Love ❀ ❀



  1. Shefali says:

    Interesting read it is… Well tagged for Obsession

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    1. RENEE says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚ ^_^
      stay fabulous πŸ˜€
      be in touch ❀ ❀

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