Yesterday, this happened!!!


Yesterday, he came in my dream.
I was sitting at the edge of the cliff, 
watching the hills,
the setting sun, the river flowing
when he came close & screamed:
“Hey! Isn’t the view spectacular?”
I was taken by surprise. I couldn’t react.
I just nodded.
He always loved nature in particular.

He wanted to chit-chat yesterday.
He could see from my eyes that I still love him.
But, he made it obvious by asking me: “Do you?”

I looked at him and replied that it doesn’t make much of a difference because you don’t.

He smiled.
The broad grin.
The sharp smirk. 

I got carried away,
Keeping my inhibitions at bay.
I confessed that I still find him everywhere.
Unlike him, this time he showed interest.
“What all comprises of your everywhere?” He inquired
He raised his eyebrow.
Smirked some more.
Two of his trademark antics I always adored.

With hesitation, I said he is omnipresent.
He is in my breath, my mind, my head.
He is in the view I was watching,
He is in the shadow of the strangers,
He is in the most innate things.
He is in my heart,
He is in my words,
He is in my dreams.

Hearing this, he looked pleased & said:
“I am honored, I want to ask you another thing. Can I go ahead?”
I said sure, at least we are talking.
He then asked me where I don’t find him,
don’t see him walking?

I stared into his eyes, smiled,
and replied – Kismat!

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Love ❤ ❤