Vulgar sins off diverged tongue…!!!


While the flames of passion freeze in your mind,
I’ll be wrapped behind you, cloaked in the sins of the flesh.
Jaded whispers of lustful promises filled with deceitful gazes,
I offer you not sanity, but madness.
Always beside you but never there, 
my presence is the churning chaos of scars long lost forgotten.
I play upon your innocence, crushing it in my grasp,
I feed your existence the fermented embryo of society.
Your screams are in vain; I am you: a cocoon manifested from your decayed tears.
A memory surfaces to a mirrored abyss, reaching but never grasping.
Allow the jagged ice to crawl across your skin, itching, creeping, crystallizing a self you once believed in.
I claw at your chest, burning, burning, burning, the existence of your past is frail.
I feed upon your weakness.
Feeding you Vulgar Sins off Diverged Tongues


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  1. VividTales says:

    “my presence is the churning chaos of scars long lost forgotten” – your a talented meaningful erotica artist! 😉 😛 . Cool!!

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    1. RENEE says:

      Thank you tons… 🙂
      keep reading 🙂
      loads of love ❤ ❤


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