Forbidden Desire…

I know its forbidden, wish I could stop it
Never felt this way before. 
With just a look I swoon
the longing to see your silhouette 
The lust buds, yet I can’t stop it
When you look at me, my heart skips a beat
Wish I could tame it.
Your smile ignites my demon if only I could train it.
I Chained it in the darkest hue of my desire.
My dreams is where I could have you, just all to my self
I dream you pinning me against a wall 
Your passionate kiss just shudders my soul
and there I stand all melting in your arms.
Yet again it’s my dream, a forbidden land of my desire
I know my virtues have become blind
but I’m a victim of my dark passion, a crime. 
Forbidden it is, I know.


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