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“Cut me a piece of any size, large or small!” 
a plead that beats lower my knees.
Like insects rushing poignantly, 
with the pitter patter of hungry feet
I’ll snatch a crumb, a mildewed one, 
to cuddle you close to the plug. 
For to gag our hearts is much unto our hunger; 
a taste bitter in the tart rumbles louder asunder. 
What we feel will run under and over 
our shoulders, a cascade of thunder, 
that can crack this old boulder.


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  1. this is comparatively decent one…..nice….

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    1. RENEE says:

      haha thank you 🙂 ❤

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      1. my pleasure…Renee….

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    1. RENEE says:

      Thank You 🙂 ^_^


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