Make me feel alive…



There is a certain art,
not the cliché form,
of such dalliance divine,
The forge of opening a woman,
Fully, to see the beautiful creation of Eden

The delicious devouring starts
first at the mouth
where the climax first builds
in salivating lip smacking nibbles
burning through the veins
opening the gate
breaching the uncertainty
of submitting to that wanting, always,
for someone to know
where to touch
where to lick
where to urge flesh alive

then it inches, 
along the flesh,
(breast, waist, hips,)
where fingers and tongue find a certain rhythm

As it opens the strained passage, naturally,
for all the lonely hours of denial
of wanting someone
to taste, smell, touch the ache away

And you will lick first the wounds;
the hurtful lashing of old lovers,
then you will be surprised
how easily I dissolves
fallen against your mouth
as you lick the silky wings
suck them between your lips
blooming, simply, magnificently,
against the lap of your tongue
only to feel, so wondrously,
I surrender, quivering,
warm against your mouth

And I will lay, breathless, trembling
moaning your name,
so grateful, so thankful
you took time with tongue and patience
to make me feel alive
To make me feel like a woman
To make me feel as if I were just birthed into this world
To be made exclusive by your worship of all I am….

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Daily Prompt: PRICELESS
Love ❤ ❤ 


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  1. Oh my my….you authored that….?

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    1. RENEE says:

      yep… 🙂
      liked it??

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      1. Mind blowing and fiercely magnificent….

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      2. RENEE says:

        🙂 ❤

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  2. fauxcroft says:

    I was there lol

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