Biting my tongue on words it’s too early for
grasping at the air like you’re there to be touched
craving your voice from sunup to sundown 
praying, begging, these hopes won’t be crushed

It’s your magnetism
its what pulls me to you
it’s the way you inspire me
it’s the things I want to say and do

I think about you constantly
with you, I am at my happiest
I want to hear you all the time
as I am nursing this single wish

It’s your magnetism
it’s your voice your words
it’s your smile that I adore
it’s your laughter as my reward

There’s a plane with my name on it
that’s what I am hoping for
there are fifteen thousand miles 
and I am done with each one, no more

I feel like a child again
the world is my oyster
space is the limit on my dreams
and you’re a star cluster…

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Daily Prompt: Magnetic

Love ❤ ❤



  1. Michael says:

    great piece and great looking site, nice one!

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    1. RENEE says:

      So much glad to get your feedback…
      🙂 😀
      be fabulous 🙂
      stay connected ❤ ❤


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