Brave face

I was new to the school
I had no friends
Fear wrenching my gut
And so I smiled 

I met some people
They turned me away
Bullied behind the back
And so I smiled

Finally, I made true friends
And got asked out
But of course, it never did last
And so I smiled

Then the friendship all went wrong
Promises were broken,
loved ones lost
And so I smiled

Horror, black clothing
So much more
Crying and dying all inside
And so I smiled 

A grandfather left
Passed away
No longer shall we play
And so I smiled

Glaring eyes crossed
Hatred is shown in the hall
Between friends turned enemies 
And so I smiled

True friends turned sisters 
Moved away
Leaving me alone
And so I smiled

Fear wrenched me again
As I tried to mend
Broken friendships from childhood
And so I smiled

Now I have met some girls
Not true friends but close
A boy I like is more than friends
And so I smiled

But a smile no longer means happiness
Now it’s simply a brave face. 
So how do I reveal to the world
That I am somewhat happy?


Sometimes in life3


Keep_reading 🙂 🙂
Love ❤ ❤


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