The hidden feelings: Inside Out…!!!


The place where I born, the country which has rich culture on its lap, the country which is one of the most admired places all over the world for its destination, the country which has places like VARANASI and that of MUMBAI, the country which is making its name over the world, but the country which is still “developing”. Here, I am not talking about economics and statistics but the “mentality” of the people. It is still trying to co-operate with the western country (and somewhere every single people from INDIA will agree if not outside then surely somewhere in the corner of his heart). Forget the actors, actress, businessmen, entrepreneurs and people who belong to the high-class society. Come a bit down to the MANGO PEOPLE.

Coming directly to the point, if a girl is talking to you “frankly”, it doesn’t mean that she is available. NO NOT AT ALL. It just means that she is a bit open minded. If she is your friend and is hanging out with you frequently, it doesn’t mean that she is “interested” in you. It just means that she likes going out with you and enjoys your company. If she is talking about sex, it doesn’t mean that she wants to have sex with you. Maybe, it means she is aware of all the things, which on one hand is good in today’s time and is important too. If she got physical with you (her partner ❤ ) once, twice, thrice and many times, and one day if she says no, it doesn’t mean that she is showing attitude or showing any tantrums. It just means that she is not in the mood that particular time or that particular day. Yes, I know, the most question must have popped: MATLAB JAB TUMHARA MANN HO TAB HUM KAREY, OR JAB HMARA MANN HO TAB BABA JI KA THULLU (when you are in the mood then it’s important to have and when we are in the mood, then fuck off?) Okay, so tell me one thing JAB HMARA MOOD REHTA HAI TAB TUM LOG BINA MOOD KE BAS HUMKO KHUSH KRNE KE LIYE CHADHE REHTE HO HMARE UPAR? (when we are in the mood then just to please us, you boys go for it?) And if some day, you boys are really not in the mood then? AREY YAAR CHHOD NA KYA KAR RAHI HAI. HATT KHELNE DE ABHI MUJHE APNA GAME. YAAR IRRITATE MAT KAR (man, leave, what are you doing? let me play my game, don’t irritate.) and what not…?
Then within no time, your game becomes more important than that of our feelings or mood? (CLAPPINGS) Fuck Off _!_ 
Moreover, it’s not just in the case of sex, instead, I guess it’s in the case of every umm field? Where women said yes for a thing previously and if after going for it twice or x number of times if she says NO, then I don’t know why men feel offended?!?!?
Personally, I got “beautiful” experiences like these…
Once, umm a boy asks me for the meet and I was like okay fine, we will. He told me everything over the chat, the time, the place and the day. I agreed, but with a condition that I can only give him an hour time and not an extra minute after that. Then, he starts saying why one hour and blah blah. Finally, he agrees to my time but the next question that popped out of his mouth was WHICH DRINK YOU WILL PREFER? And I was like as in? He laughed and said WHICH “DRINK”? BEER OR VODKA OR ANYTHING ELSE? And I was like WHAT THE FUCK? I declined, he insisted, I declined, he insisted and finally, I declined. After 2 minutes of complete silence, a message popped on my chat box: OKAY IF NOT DRINKS THEN CAN WE HAVE SOME “MOMENTS”? After reading the message, I didn’t respond anything. Then, the same guy texted me that YAAR HADD HAI, TUM TOH KISI KE LIYE BHI TAIYAAR NAHI HO RHI HO. ISSEY ACHHA HAI KI HUM MILEY HI NAHI (man, enough is enough; you are not ready for anything. It’s better we should drop the plan.) :O :O :O 
The second incident which made me write this article was: a very good friend of mine once asked me to hang out and as my exams are approaching in September I can’t go, as it’s competitive and held nation-wide. I said him, No, and even gave him the reason. Listening to this, he disconnected the call. I thought, maybe he had got some work so he did that. But, after a minute or two, he called me back and asked me WHY ARE YOU NOT STUDYING AND INSTEAD IN FACEBOOK? Please note: the tone was actually super angry. I asked the reason for that tone and he said that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN IF I WILL MEET HIM OR GIVE HIM A WHOLE DAY. And right now, every day is very very precious for me. After that, he isn’t talking to me ’cause I said him NO. I tried explaining him but no, he doesn’t want to understand and even now I stopped trying.

I don’t say it’s just the case with women even men of our country has to face this situation say it in his office, or even in his house, or in his friend circle. (Girls are also not less in this case. Nowadays girls too are having 2 3 boyfriends and what not.) Their case is somewhat different. Their girlfriends/wives don’t give them their time. For every single hour, they have to give the details of what are you doing to his gf/wife. Their partner has to know every fucking thing he is doing. His parent has to know why is he crying and what not?

Tell me one thing, why don’t girls understand that boys do have a life without them and they should understand this and why don’t boys understand that if a girl is saying NO then, she is not showing attitude or doesn’t mean that inside her heart she wants to do but showing tantrums outside. Sometimes, girls do tantrums to hear again and again and they want that the person should repeat the words again, and that could be understandable if someone pays attention to the body language. If, both the sexes understand these then maybe there will be less murder, fewer acid attacks, fewer rapes, less divorce and less everything…

LOVE ❤ ❤


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  1. shubhamd96 says:

    Thats true..and i thing all this are your own experiences; it is reflecting in witting 🙂

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    1. RENEE says:

      Indeed..!!! 🙂
      Thank you 🙂
      have a fabulous day ahead 😀
      be connected 🙂 ❤

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  2. VividTales says:

    Hi Renee, quite a thoughtful post seems like based on your experiences. Just wondering what is the purpose of mentioning country here… may be your referring Indian males here, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RENEE says:

      Umm yeah in a way…!!!
      but personally, no offence…
      btw thank you for going through my posts…
      stay amazing and be in touch 🙂 ❤


  3. Yes Open minded girls are always Judged and get unsavoury remarks for being supporting western style👌👌👍💛.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. RENEE says:

      And that’s so sad… 😦 😦
      well, thanks for your precious time 🙂 😀
      stay amazing; have a good evening 🙂 ❤

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  4. Hello,
    I have nominated you for the unique blogger award. Do visit👇

    Do Message me when you publish your post👍💓.

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    1. RENEE says:

      Do check it 🙂 😉

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      1. RENEE says:

        haha you already checked my recent publish.. 😉 😛 😀

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      2. Just checked after reply😊

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