The Bridegroom

Small town; country town.
I walk slowly.
As the autumn breeze blows coldly,
Through my clothing.
Small town; golden town.
He found me,
Just when I thought no one was listening.
I was intrigued to see that  he loved me,
More than I loved myself.
And the emotions that I felt,
I couldn’t express myself,
But he felt it for himself all the same.
Small town; old town.
Everyone stopped and stared,
Because the time was finally near.
The bridegroom was finally  here,
But  their smiles disappear,
And their faces filled with fear.
The bridegroom comes down,
But is not in a gown.
Instead, he stands proudly with his man

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Daily prompt: Traditional


  1. Heading is awesome “Bridegroom”

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    1. RENEE says:

      STAY AMAZING 🙂 ❤

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