True Love v/s Friendship v/s Lust– 4


…Hey, I wanna confess and ask something. Umm, I like an RJ and it’s not a regular liking. Every time I listen to him I want to listen to him more. He hosts the show THE CONFESSION (name of the show has been changed). Yes, he is RJ B3 and I want to ask will he come for a coffee with me? Waiting for the answer. Earphones plugged. 🙂 ❤

She didn’t do it intentionally instead she did it just for fun. And somewhere she knows that she is not gonna get a reply and she went on with the playlist.

But to her surprise, the message she sent to B3 was seen and there was a chatting bubble popping up on the screens of her phone.

Yes, you’re surely going to get an answer but not on-air in fact here. 🙂

And she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was totally an unexpected reply from an unexpected person.
After the completion of the show, she got another text: Okay, so where I have to come for coffee and at what time?

Ummm wherever you like to and at any time that suits you.

Okay, so tomorrow at eve at cafe spring?

This sentence was totally unbelievable and unexpected.

Hey, no no no, I mean I am not in the city right now so when I will come I will let you know.

Yeah, cool no problem.

After some days, they decided to meet. She came to a mid way, where they both have planned to meet.

It was a rainy season. As they met, water drops began to fall. She was too happy as it was her favourite season. B3 was wearing white outfit. He was wet and there was a sneak peak of his skin from the back. (they were in moped).

She felt something. She controlled herself.

Finally, they went to a restaurant and had a cup of coffee. They exchanged their thoughts. He told her his story as of how he came into this field. She told her that she is a blogger (as I told you, she is my silent follower) and about what she writes on her blog and on many topics like sex education, movies, pampered each other.

At the end of the day, she came to her room.

On FB, they had a talk. B3 said: LET’S PLAY RAPID FIRE.


And they began to play.
Slowly, the game went to another level.
They asked some personal question, to which she answered in a witty way.
After good night sweet dream messages.

She went for fantasising him. She couldn’t control her “lust” towards him.

She fantasised him in her dreams. They were about to have “it” and her dream was broken. She came to understand that it is nothing but lust. One day they agreed to have a video call and B3 asked her that he wants to see her hotness to which she couldn’t say no. Though she agreed, once again B1 came in her mind. In the very same night, she called
B1 before going for video call with B3. He didn’t answer her call. Frustrating, she went for the call with B3. But, her self-esteem was not allowing her to do so. B3 told her that he will call her in 15 minutes till then be comfortable. She agreed. And exactly after 15 minutes, he called her back. She asked him to wait for a minute so that she can adjust the camera and after adjusting, she strip tease him.

She took out her clothes one by one. The top, the sphattegi, the short, the bra and finally panty. She went for some moves. And the reaction of  B3 was exactly the same as right now many boys must be having thinking about the strip-tease. This went for 5-10 minutes. Later that night, B3 asked her out for the hookup for the next day in his studio. Firstly, she agreed and said yes to him and they bid each other.

But, next day, when he called her, she said that it was raining at her place and she couldn’t come.

That day, she didn’t talk to anyone and kept on crying thinking what she had done last night. She is having a boyfriend, she is having a friend with whom she uses to have sex and now this…

She couldn’t take out this thing out from her mind and decided to talk to B1. She called but didn’t get the response and finally, she decided to send him a real big and long message telling what she wants. (I wish, I could attach the screenshots, but I am uploading some of her texts which she allowed me to put here.)

hey, babe, you know what umm you also know right that we don’t talk anymore nowadays like we use to do before whatever the reason is, but now I am tired of waiting and understanding. yes i know you are doing this all for maybe us but sometimes I feel that you just want attention and not my heart…no m not saying that you had made any other girlfriend or are indulge in sm other things but you don’t love me like you do… yes you are toooooo busy in everything and in other stuffs, but in all that or in between all that I am no where if you r saying that you r doing this for us and for our future, so tell me one thing that if v r not having anything good between us then what is the chance of our future?? and maybe you will feel tht i m over reacting so lemme tell you m not…. just for once try to keep yourself in my condition…. what if i do the same with you… sometimes i feel like that you only talk to me when you want to talk something about sex… no B2 i am not just your sex partner i am your gf too….

She got the reply after like 12 hours and that too it was too cold to handle it. She got irritated reading the replies. It was the first time when she talked to B1 in the way. B1 was reacting as if nothing happened and was telling her to calm down ’cause he is not sitting idle in the city and again started counting his problems and about the period of overcoming from drugs and that too in FB. She got so irritated that she close the tab and went off. After some time she received a call from B1 asking what she wants to which she has no reply and said him calmly that she is too sleepy and she doesn’t want to talk to him. He wished her good night and disconnected the call. She cried a bit in the night and slept. Next day, when she woke up she determined that she will not text or call B1 until and unless he makes the initiate…


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Love ❤ ❤ 



  1. Still I don’t think she is…really? No way…I don’t think so.
    It’s fine she got attracted to B3 did some nasty thing…after all we r human but at last she restrained herself to hook up that’s gud👍.
    But that what about B2?? His part still looks incomplete i mean not seems like true friendship with him…If he is true frnd then he must be very supportive at this situation. She had sex with B2, shared very precious time with him. He    must know her well so she must go out with him, spend more time to share her feeling so he could help her…maybe he will be her solution of every problem.
    B1 still not giving much attention so just leave it move on, B3 was just attraction looks like and at last it’s all about B2.
    Hope she’ll be fine.

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    1. RENEE says:

      B2 is still her best friend I think, otherwise, she must have shared her pbm between her and him too if she possesses anything…
      Well thank you, for your precious time and going through my posts…
      stay amazing and be in touch…!!!
      Lots of Love 🙂 ❤

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      1. All well👐
        True friend may be a good True love.
        Is there any more part left?

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      2. RENEE says:

        umm no…
        after this as said she raised the question which is disturbing her like anything still…..
        😀 😀

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      3. RENEE says:

        🙂 ❤

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  2. VividTales says:

    Whoaa B1, B2, B3 – ☺. There was a hell of juggling in mind to keep track with the characters, all at a same time. Bigger question is how does she keep up with all these B’s in real life…life needs to be simplified. Confused mind and heart will never let you live a clear life. This is the case confusion created out of the swing between convenience, morals and exploration. Out of these characters in half hearted relationship nobody owe anything to each other and nobody is to be blamed. Time to simplify herself first and eventually everything around will also be simplified and sorted. These are the experiences of life and should be accepted open heartedly.. not in guilt but as experiences and learnings. Just an opinion!

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    1. RENEE says:

      Thank You so much for your opinion…
      🙂 ❤
      and you r right simplify yourself and eventually everything will be sorted… 🙂
      I hope she is going through the comments here and these will help her out in a best way….
      Be in touch 🙂 ❤
      and most importantly stay fabulous 🙂 ❤ 🙂 OX OX

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      1. VividTales says:

        Hope the same and best wishes.. how can someone afford to be out of touch after recieving the beautiful 💓

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      2. RENEE says:

        aww that’s so sweet of you 🙂 ❤

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      3. VividTales says:

        Already followed your blog to keep up with your future posts 😊

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      4. RENEE says:

        ^_^ OX OX

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