Her globe



Okay! So here is the entry for today’s photo challenge: UNUSUAL

To be true, this is not my personal click. I am a photo collectionist in a way (I know that is not a word πŸ˜› ). I love collecting photographs which attract me to itself. So, this is also from one of my collections. When I looked at this picture, various thoughts came to my mind. The major thought which came was: Was this girl happy inside and want to escape from the world or Was this girl wants to come to the world escaping this ball?

Well, whatsoever the feeling is, I found this picture really unusual in a way throughout my collections.

Keep_reading πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Love ❀ ❀


9 thoughts on “Her globe

    1. Thank you so much Janet πŸ™‚
      I wish i can include the name…
      but it was in my collection and i really don’t remember anything about it….
      😦 😦


  1. Neither happy nor escaping… she is just entering into it to explore the world out side deep river and at the same time keeping herself safe surrounded by balloon..once done she will get back to her place deep in water.

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