True Love v/s Friendship v/s Lust

Hey, folks..!!
I wish you guys are doing great at your places. Here it is raining as fuck. Howz whether there? As you know I had started this blog by writing a story sequence of a girl named AHAANA, and thank you for supporting me through the entire sequence, which helped me write more. So, here I am again with a new sequence TRUE LOVE V/S FRIENDSHIP V/S LUST. 

As the name suggests, it will be about a girl and her umm her current situation going in her life and dilemma? The inspiration? Well, it’s a real story, of the girl around me with whom I am encountered almost every day. Neither, she is my friend nor my best friend, but just a random girl who shares her everyday situation and when I asked her one day I AM NO ONE TO YOU, SO WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME YOUR SO PRIVATE THINGS? And the reply I got was I DON’T KNOW BUT WHEN WE FIRST STARTED TALKING, I FELT SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT YOU AND FELT LIKE  SHARING WILL BE WORTH. After telling me everything, she asked me one question DO YOU THINK I AM A SLUT?   And there I was Dumbstruck. I don’t have anything to say… At last, she told me you write a blog right? I am your silent follower so you may put my story on your blog and ask your followers to help me get the answer to the above but please don’t disclose my name or of the other characters. And here I got it from. Hope you guys help her to find her answer… 

Well, basically tonight, I am gonna make you meet my characters. So, as she told me not to disclose the names, I am gonna write up everything with girl and boy.
This story includes a lead character girl which I am gonna indicate as G and three boys B1 who is her true love, B2 who is her best friend and B3 who is her lust.

For a start, let me introduce you her in a brief.
She (G), came to a completely different city for her study. She is in her mid-twenties. She is in a relationship with B1 from the last 6-7 years. They are having a fantastic sex life, but B1 lives in another city, so it is a long distance relationship. When G came to the city, she met a friend B2, slowly and gradually who became her best friend. They use to hang around and do all kind of non-sense stuff together. She is a music freak and so she uses to listen to music all day, but one fine day she came in contact with one of the names of music field B3, towards whom she is getting lust…

And the situation gets worse from here. This is just an extract of what is going in her life right now. Tomorrow, I will come up with the detailed one about how she slowly and gradually came across this question. And having such a fantastic sex life with her boyfriend what makes her go for the lust towards B3 and what is the role of B2 and why it is in “versus”.

Till then;

Keep_reading 🙂 🙂
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