Passenger seat

As I tuck my knees 
to my right side,
to the smooth surface below 
the cutoff denim fabric couldn’t cover

I tilt my head
and lean it back,
closing my eyes,
allowing the mixed smell
of tide water 
and seat leather
to dance around my thoughts.

The warm night air 
fills my lungs
with longing, 
and wanderlust
as my lashes
kiss each other
with every flutter of my lids. 

And as the cricket sing,
the salty spray of the ocean 
fills my empty caverns,
elevates my soul,
and sweetens my spirits.
I am complete.

There is no wishing,
nor hoping,
nor dreaming for a better tomorrow;
just the contentment
of not knowing 
which direction I face,
but the understanding
that I am going

Keep_reading 🙂 🙂
Love ❤ ❤
One word prompt: Passenger


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