Temporary life of a frog


Sunday morning, I woke up to go to my backyard for brushing my teeth. It was raining heavily, near my washbasin I saw something and to my surprise/shock I saw a frog struggling for its life inside a snake. I felt pity for it and in the same time got scared and i screamed like anything. But my daring and notorious and mischief brother dared to take a photograph of the incident from a distance, looking to it my heart came in my mouth. Somehow, he captured the incident and said me to keep it in my collection.

After 15 20 minutes the frog lost its life and snake had its breakfast and we called a snake catcher and managed to get it away from our house…

Everyone’s life is transient, but in this case the frog’s life ended too early. (PERSONALLY I DON’T LIKE FROGS BUT THAT MORNING I WAS FEELING SAD FOR IT)

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Love ❀ ❀
Photo challenge: Transient


15 thoughts on “Temporary life of a frog

    1. Thank you for going through my post πŸ™‚ ❀
      Yeah my brother is a great photographer πŸ™‚
      Indeed, it affirms..!!!
      Stay amazing
      be connected ❀ ❀

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  1. The frogs gamous last words: “Snake the joke is on you – my variety of frog is reallly low in calories, very little sustenance, you are using more energy to eat my than I am providing so so soooooo”

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