I laid on a blanket, lit a candle, stretched my limbs like a sea star
… before I knew it, the moon came to visit
excited to see me and without abandon
laid from the tips my fingers, extending across my entire body
and as I exhaled and inhaled
I was able to balance them on my breasts
rising up and down
I never pushed them too high
we practised our equilibrium until I was healed
and when they left
I knew it was for the best of me!!!


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Love ❤ ❤



  1. Need to check the visitors book again…

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    1. RENEE says:

      and i wish you like it again 😉 🙂 ❤

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      1. Hahaha…that becomes a like affair….

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      2. RENEE says:

        hehe ❤

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