Show them that you can do the things they thought you can’t: CHAMPION

They said I couldn’t sing
but I have a cd
they said I was too young
yet I have adults at my knees
they said he was just a crush
but now he’s my husband
they said I was dumb
yet I got into college two years before them
they said I talk too much
now I have my own talk show
they said I acted immaturely
yet I pay my own bills now
they said I was a loser
yet I win all of the skateboard games
they said I was ugly
yet my clothing stores have different names
they told me to die
but I’m still living
they say I waste time
but my friends can’t get enough of me
they said I couldn’t dream
but now look at me
every magazine they look at
my face is all that they see.





LOVE ❀ ❀