Fortune: Favours with other things…

Fortune cookies, fortune tellers, fortune bowls and what not?

We rely on so many things to see and test our fortune. A seven letter word and we depend on it. Sometimes, it’s good and we are so happy and sometimes it’s bad and there we say “ahh!! I don’t believe in these stupid things”. So according to my mind, if it’s good we are happy and our days go better and if it’s bad then we close all those newspapers, throw the cookies and don’t believe in fortune tellers.

But I have a question actually. Ummm… till how many days or weeks or months or say years we are going to depend on it. We can’t make our life walk just on these. No, I am not offending it, but, we can’t totally rely on these. They just guess and they are almost 99% right but what about that 1%

I was watching movie months back. It was a climax scene and in that a friend of the lead actress was trying to help her to reunite with her lover, but, years back in that movie a fortune teller have told her that on the day of her marriage her Muslim lover will leave him and he is there with her just for the sex.  And it happened. At the time of her marriage, she was there in church waiting for him. With her, there was another lady with her puppy in the basket also waiting for her groom. In the meantime, she told to the actress to just hold her basket. She agreed, and after few minutes a little boy came and gave her a note which read as: I AM SORRY DARLING. I CAN’T MARRY YOU. I AM REALLY GUILTY BUT I CANT FEEL THE CONNECTION BETWEEN US. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND. WITH LOVE… (and a heart symbol).

The actress cried a lot. Left that basket there and went away from there. She didn’t talk her lover from last 7 years I guess.

But, the friend of her was sitting in front of the same fortune teller who told her about the misfortune. (Actually, they were debating on something). So the friend asked her: “IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN THAT LETTER? HAS HIS NAME WRITTEN IN THAT LETTER? HAVE THAT CHILD TOLD YOU THAT THE LETTER WAS FROM HIS LOVER?” The answer to all those was NO. He continued with:”MAYBE IT WAS FOR THE ANOTHER LADY WHO WAS PRESENT THERE AND HIS LOVER WROTE HER THAT LETTER AND SEND THAT KID TELLING TO GIVE TO THE LADY HOLDING THE BASKET. ” Her friend asked her to call him. She called and she was surprised to know that her lover came that day to marry her but she was not present there so he waited for her call from 7 years.


So the main reason for telling this particular scene was, we should not completely depend on the fortune instead we should work hard be patient with a little believe in luck.



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