Heyy, folks..!!!
I am pretty sure that you all must be having a song or songs which give you thrill, insanity, wake up your inner god/goddess, makes you groove, makes you forget about your current situation and go to some other world.

I am also pretty sure that you guys must have mixed many songs to make the “remixes” or a “new version” of a particular song. and to this time all of us are currently obsessed with FIFTY SHADES DARKER TRACKLIST.

But there’s a song which gives me “eargasm” and I fucked the replay button. I am not having the mixed version of it, but I used to open two tabs on my system and listen to it. and the result I got is something WOOAAHH..!!!

Soon I am going to mix this two and get a “new version” of the song.

So, basically, it is a song of THE WEEKND and THE SOUND OF RAIN, both going simultaneously.

I am sharing the video of both (oopsif, the video of the sound of rain is longer than the song of THE WEEKND) 😛

Hope you guys enjoy this combination as much as I do.





Open these two in two tabs and play simultaneously.


LOVE ❤ ❤


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