It was a full moon lonely night for him. He was walking on the beach, lost, in the sounds of waves touching his feet. He saw a bright light flashed in front of his eyes, he squints his eyes. He tried to open his eyes, partially opening; he saw a shadow wrapped in yellow dress sweeping the sand. He was lost in the scent surrounded him. He inhaled the fragrance and remembered it.

He opened his eyes completely and stretched his hand to feel it but he cannot. He realised that the figure was coming towards him and slowly and gradually the image was recognisable, and he was surprised seeing it. He cannot believe his eyes. The figure came close to him and whispered “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOVE. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.” Tears rolled down his eyes. That moment cannot be replaced by anything for him and he lived his one year without her at that moment and smiled.

It was his best anniversary.


LOVE ❤ ❤


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