She don’t want flowers, dinner dates or expensive gifts. 

She don’t want him to keep flattering her or praising her for her looks.

She don’t even want him to appreciate her  for anything that she does for him.

She only craves for his time and attention.

She wants him to hold her hands when she is tired and sit with her for a while.

She just want him to give her a hug before he goes to work and kiss her on her forehead before he goes to sleep.

She want him to stay wit her when she is sad, keep her head in his lap when she cry and just hold on to her when she has her mood swings.

She is not asking for too much…

She is just asking him to try and understand her heart…

She is just asking him to feel what she feel for him…

She is just asking him to make her feel loved.



LOVE ❤ ❤