She got admission in one of the most reputed school of her city SHIMLA PUBLIC SCHOOL. She always dream of wearing skirt and going in bus with loose tie and a ponytail. And getting admission in that school means doing all of the above things. What can be the best thing at this time for her?  But it is said that the best is yet to come to her which will change her view about love. ❤ ❤


16th June 2010 – the day when she saw her “dream boy” in the class.  He entered into the class with one of his friend. Ahanaa was busy writing some stuffs on a piece of paper when one her friend (she got her in the tuition she use to go) shouted “OOH LA LA AKAASH..!! YOU ARE SO CHANGED” and that was the moment when Ahanaa’s heart skip a beat. She saw a tall, handsome boy with a bag in his right shoulder, low waist royal blue pant white shirt with the school’s logo, loose tie, broad shoulders, with a perfect jaw line and specs  ❤ ❤

Yes AKAASH THAKUR a fantasized boyfriend ❤

Akaash hugged the girl who greeted him. He entered the class with one of his friend VIkas. While Akaash hugged the girl their eyes met (of course of AHANAA AND AKAASH’S). Two more girls greeted them J who were the group mates. (So basically it was a group of five: three girls named Roshni, Akanksha and Sonam and two boys named AKaash ❤ and Vikas)

In the meanwhile Roshni said “hey Akaash! Let me introduce you to Ahaana. Our new group member.” He smiled 🙂 “haha sure why not?”Said Akaash.

So there was a formal introduction of Ahaana to Akaash and Vikas. They took their seats and continued their class.

Days passed. And with the time Ahaana came to knew that ROshni has feeling for Akaash.  Knowing this AHaana was surprised and shocked too. But then she came to realize that what a big deal? Its good. And then there at the moment she confessed her “LOVE” to the girls of her group for Vivek. But somewhere she was feeling it wrong for Vivek; and she again went to a thought that whether she really has feeling for Vivek? Is she attracted to Akaash? Is she happy with whatever the situation is in front of her? Why she was surprised when she came to know that Roshni has feeling for Akaash?  Somewhere she knew that she “likes” AKaash. But with a heavy heart she declined and ignored all her “feelings” for him.

Time flew.  Six month was already passed.  Akaash and Ahaana really shared a good bond of which Roshni started getting jealous; Ahaana being unaware of this. Both exchanged the numbers. J J They sarted talking late nights. AHaana was not allowed to keep the cell phone with her at night. But because she wanted to talk with Akaash she use to get it from her parent’s bedroom once the y are asleep. (daring AHaana 😉 😛 ) then finally the day came 31st December 2010. 😀 😀 AHaana was in her chemistry tuition when a message popped up to which Ahaana can’t stop seeing and when she read inside it a big smile from one ear to another stretched. “WHAT IF I PROPOSE YOU RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE IN TEXT. WILL YOU ACCEPT IT?” AHaana dint reply. Mixed feelings.


Ahaana was in the top of the world. It was a message from Akaash.

But have she accepted his proposal?

And if yes what about Vivek?

And if no then what about the friendship between them?




LOVE ❤ ❤