Whether is it a first attraction or a first love it’s always an excitement for the person. Maybe it was same with her. How? Where? When?  Read it inside 😉

Ahanaa was in class tenth.  The age where love and attraction are the places in which one can trapped in. The same (may be) with her. She went to Shirdi (a place in Maharashtra state) during her winter vacations. The trip was going perfect until her family met his family. In a queue in front of the temple there were some people who were just breaking out the queue and going to the first place. So one of the children from that crowd just broke the queue in such a way that Ahaana and her mother and his father with her brother got separated. In between this when the child jumps into the middle of the queue a family was standing behind her mother gave support to her. From there the two families get into an informal conversation. In her family Ahanaa was a young lady an in that family there was a boy named Vivek who was four years elder to her. Both were attracted towards each other in the current time. Time flew. Both came to their home town. Ahaana to her hometown and Vivek to MP (Madhya pradesh). In the meantime back in Shirdi both the families were again met in the station. The trains were late for both, so both the families had good time and exchanged numbers.  After returning to their respective hometowns conversation started between the two over the calls.  Everything was going good between them. He used to flirt with her.  She even understands this but still continue talking to him. Slowly they both started talking on a regular basis. Both were busy in their routine. Time flew. Ahaana completed her middle school. So her family decided to send her to VISHAKHAPATNAM for further studies, for high school. She went there. There too both were continued talking.  Everything was going smooth between them. Finally one fine day Vivek proposed her over the call. ❤ ❤ (of course one of the most beautiful feeling a girl can have). She asked for some time, because though she was attracted but still wants to confirm her feelings for him. There in the hostel she had a very good friend named Jyoti.  Ahaana told everything to her from starting.  So Jyoti told her that “say him yes because as you are telling me about the incidents I think you are in love with him. And slowly one or the other day you will definitely love him.” Ahaana too think that may be her friend is right. So the very next day she called Vivek and accepted his proposal.  From then onward they both use to talk regular from hostel’s telephone booth (hehe…!!! Yes from telephone booth because they are not allowed to keep mobile phones) after completing 11th Ahaana came back to her hometown as she start felling sick there and mentally stressed. After returning to Shimla (her hometown) she joined school SHIMLA PUBLIC SCHOOL. And it was a love turning point of her. Yes love turning because from there she understood what actually love means…

What happens that she experienced this? Had she find someone else there or had she understood that she really loves Vivek?

She had a love story of a roller coaster ride. Lets see what happened to her in the very next article…

Till then