AHAANA: A girl who will live in all hearts forever

Ahaana: a small town girl whose dream is to travel the world once she is grown up. She belongs to a family of four, comprising her parents and a younger brother. A girl who is vivacious. She is always there with every people in help; and in return she doesn’t expect anything. She lives in a town located in the north of INDIA. She has a motto in her life: LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE. She is never involved in any type of gossiping whether relating to girly gossips or related to family gossips or related anything. She simply doesn’t like these. She lives in her own world. A world full of dreams, and dream chasing. She believes in giving space and also in owing it. She tries to fulfill almost all the dreams of her parents; even if it cost to her happiness. She is a straight forward girl: WHAT’S INSIDE IS OUTSIDE and because of this nature of her’s people around her think that she is a spoiled brat; but she never cared about this mindset of others because she knew what she is. But the people who knows her loves her for this nature of her’s and she is happy in this.


Despite being such a vivacious and carefree girl a lot of things happened to her when she really started understanding the world and the people living in it due to which she became one of the most PRACTICAL girl and  really a spoiled brat in her future.


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